Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tom and Alex grilled dinner last night.  The new grill takes longer than the old one (not sure why) so we didn't eat until almost 8:00.  While we waited for dinner to cook we enjoyed more episodes of the Cardinals' documentary.  The chicken Tom made was delicious, though of course I didn't taste any of the pork roast Alex whipped up, with apple slices and cloves of garlic inserted into it and then wrapped in bacon.  (Never thought I'd hear Tom say it had a little too much garlic for him!)

I experienced some slight vertigo throughout the evening, though by the time I went to bed it was trying to "be" something.  Not sure yet this morning if it's going to reappear, though my head does feel a little funny so I wouldn't be surprised.  Wanda and I are thinking of getting together for lunch today; she called while I was at the gym to see if we could do it yesterday, but of course me having to be at school at 1:00 made it unfeasible. We decided to see how today goes...but obviously not if my head starts spinning!  That hasn't happened in quite a while, and I still have no idea what triggers it.  At least I know it's "only" caused by migraines - and who knew you could have a migraine without a headahce?! 

Last night I dreamed I got a job teaching at a  small private school, starting the next day before I had a chance to work up any sort of lesson plan and collect materials.  There were only 6 kids in my class (in a tiny enclave in the library), and yet 3 of them kept disappearing.  Over 30 years since I taught, and still the nightmares haunt me!

After I finish my coffee and wake up I'm planning to get started on my paper-pieced hummingbird block.  Once I got the placemat for the retreat blindstitched yesterday afternoon I dove into my scraps and pulled out colors that should work.  It would be wonderful to get it done so I can bring it to Busy Bees on Wednesday.  But since I haven't paper-pieced in a while (and the last time I did it was basically a ripping marathon since I made every possible mistake... and then some!) I expect it to take MUCH longer than it should <sigh> to make one block. 

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