Monday, February 27, 2017

I never did make it to the gym yesterday.  Before I put my shoes on I stepped on a sliver of something (obsidian tracked in from the shop?) and by the time I dug it out of my foot I was decidedly late and figured I wasn't meant to go.  

Like so many I watched the Oscars last night, and definitely enjoyed all the digs at our current government (and I use that term loosely!) I also liked the idea to surprise that busload of tourists by "inviting" them to the show.  But the Best Picture snafu at the end was pretty mind-boggling; people are not likely to forget the 2017 Oscars for some time!

Today I saw the chiropractor, and it turns out that the infraspinatus muscle in my back is VERY unhappy; I have quite the massive knot back there. That muscle is connected to a nerve that runs down the arm which explains what has been causing all the pain.  In addition it's pulled on a rib, which is why that shoulder is so off kilter and has been painful to use.

He worked a long time on the knot (which despite very little pressure hurt a lot), and between that and the stim machine I do feel a lot better.  The bad news is that we still don't know what caused it; none of his possible scenarios seem to be things I have done.  In any event today's visit helped a lot, and I've got another appointment set for next Monday. 

Remember that perfect border fabric I found at the quilt store during last weekend's retreat?  I only bought one yard which turns out is not going to be enough, so I contacted them to have them mail me another yard - and there isn't any more of that bolt left at the store!  

Either I'll need to find another fabric to help out, or rethink my border idea.  Crap! 

I got new windshield wipers today (good thing, because it's raining again) and when I walked into the store the young woman behind the counter said, "long time, no see."  I thought she had me confused with someone else, but turned out to be Shelby (who grew up in the house behind us.)  She's around Alex's age, and I haven't seen her in many years; of course she's changed a little! <g>

It's 5:00 and we're still waiting for Alex and Aja to appear.  It's moving day, which is always a hassle to begin with, but of course the rain isn't going to help things any.  At least dinner (an elk roast) will be waiting for them, and it sure smells good!

Never did get around to posting more PVP quilt show pix today.  Tomorrow?

But I did get a number of things accomplished, including making my plane reservations for May.

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