Saturday, February 25, 2017

 Today's quilt show was wonderful!  (And I misnamed it earlier; it's the Palo Verde Patchers.)  The quilts were gorgeous, though I thought the lighting could have been better... and with so many entries in the show the 'aisles' were too narrow to get back far enough to photograph some of them in their entirety.  Pretty sure they only do their show every other year, which means unfortunately I'll have to wait until 2019 for their next one.  :(

I took 169 photos (and that wasn't nearly all the quilts) all of which will need to be resized before I can share them. That's on my schedule for tomorrow.  This one of Linda's quilts won a blue ribbon (very well deserved!) 

Her miniature won a 3rd place ribbon, although when Colleen and Stephanie saw what got the blue ribbon in that category they couldn't believe it beat out Linda's.

I didn't have time to swing by Patti's with the shower chair before my scheduled rendezvous with Linda at the show (between her quilt appraisal appointments and her white glove stint.) Patti was pretty low when I got to her house this afternoon (she's been unable to keep down any food since she started on the antibiotics yesterday afternoon) so I called the doctor.  I knew the office was closed and I would get the answering service, but the woman who took all the information said the doc on call would get back to me within 15 minutes... and I don't think it was more than a minute before he called me back.  

Bottom line is that it's likely the combo of pain meds with an antibiotic that is causing the problem, so a switch to a different antibiotic probably wouldn't make any difference.  He did okay her to just stop taking the antibiotic, which made her much happier.  By the time I left she was in much better spirits, even laughing some.  When I check on her tomorrow I hope to hear that she's "only" miserable from the broken bones, and maybe even up for taking the shower chair on a trial run!

The doorknob on the guest house flipped out again tonight, and Tom and Alex spent a LONG time trying to make it happy.  (It had been working just fine since Tom fixed it a month or two ago, but obviously there is something very wrong with it.) So tomorrow Tom will swing by the hardware store for a new one.  

Alex fixed the dishwasher, but the in-the-wall microwave needs more skill than he has, so a friend of his will be installing a new one on Monday.

Currently it's way past my bedtime (almost midnight!) so I'd better sign off - 
though surprisingly I'm not sleepy.

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