Saturday, February 4, 2017

Yesterday started out great.  First I had a productive day at the gym, and before I showered I swept the porch and driveway (yes, again) and watered all the plants out there.  (Tyga, however, did not get to come out and help this time because I worried he might wander off.)  

Then it was off to Park Meadows where I tutored three boys in Diane's class, working on a writing assignment.  All did a wonderful job, listening and responding well.  It was especially rewarding for me when one asked if I could come help every day (nope), and another said he hoped he would get to work with me again next Friday.  Diane, of course, is always appreciative.

When I got back Tom was fixing Creepy (which hasn't been happy this past week) and vacuuming the leaves from the bottom of the pool.  He had gotten started on some of the mowing earlier (all that rain caused intensive growth) until a major belt in the riding mower snapped and he had to call a repair place to come pick it up.  I had actually thought about mowing earlier in the week, but with Tom and all his visitors out in the shop didn't think he'd appreciate all the noise and dust.  (And it's a good thing I didn't, because if the belt had broken while I was mowing it probably would have been my fault!)

By late afternoon I had developed a crick in my neck. That caused a headache which made one eye weep, and the pain soon radiated to the jaw and ear on that side.  By early evening I was nauseated, and crawled into bed, bucket at the ready, trying to get comfortable.  At one point I was finally able to crack my neck, which gave me a little relief, and I did eventually fall asleep.  

But now I have been up since before 3:00, so it's a good thing there's nothing on my agenda today!  While my headache isn't completely gone, it's only a headache - without the jaw and ear pain or the nausea!

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