Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yesterday I worked on my Birdwatcher pillow, and got it almost done.  
Here is the TWEET pattern...

and here is how far I got yesterday!

It still needs some of the letters buttonhole-stitched down, and of course just the right eyes.  Instead of those 'things' sprouting from the top of his head (which look like antennae!) I'm thinking about a pretty red feather.  Thoughts?

After I turn it into a pillow and I'll donate it to the Southwest Bird group to raffle off at this years's fundraiser.  I expect someone will want it?

Now it's time for a shower before I head off to Busy Bees.  I'm looking forward to seeing the other hummingbird blocks, and also getting the next pattern ('my' tortoise) from Betsy. I'm also hoping for some helpful tips from her paper-piecing demo!

This afternoon I've got to finish getting organized and pack.  No doubt <G> I will forget something(s!) necessary... but with all the other quilters (and Three Dudes nearby) it shouldn't be too much of a crisis, right?

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