Monday, February 13, 2017

Yesterday morning I got a lot of mucking and tidying done around the house. Not only does it look better, but in the course of going through piles of stuff I found some things I had been looking for - like my cheat sheet of passwords. So I am once again able to compose blog entries on my iPad (which will come in handy over the weekend.)

In the afternoon I dragged myself to the gym.  I really didn't feel like going, and yawned the whole drive over. Not sure why I was so tired since I've been sleeping just fine the past several nights, and I also had a good stick-to-your-ribs breakfast of oatmeal. 

But since I'll miss next Sunday due to the quilt retreat I thought I should go. So I went, but compromised, telling myself that I could leave after the first half hour....which I did.  Though that clock sure dragged; seemed like it took forever for the minute hand to creep 30 minutes!

Afterward I popped over to Patti's for my haircut appointment.  Now my hair is finally pretty much all evened up with my grown-out bangs.  Tyga came along with me, and did further exploration of their back yard while Patti worked her magic up on the patio.

Tom is letting his hair grow.  He's at that difficult in-between stage where the back is pretty long, but the sides won't yet make it into a hair tie.  He's had me blow-dry it a couple of times (which of course leaves it straight) and the back is so long that he asked about trimming it to let the rest of it catch up.

Tony and Donna really enjoyed yesterday's Museum tour, and she also wanted to see some of my quilts. Eventually we all walked up the street to Jeannie's for dinner, which Donna had brought over.  We had quite a feast.  The plan had been to play some games afterward, but by the time we finished dinner it was closing in on 9:00, and I just wanted to be horizontal in bed.  

By the time we said our goodbyes, set a date for Tom to smoke his famous brisket (next Sunday), and walked home it was after 9:30.  I was surprised to find Tyga still waiting for us at the house since Alex and Aja had started back from Flagstaff many hours earlier.  I headed straight to bed while Tom took Tyga out for his evening constitutional and to close up the shop, and the kids were just pulling in.  Apparently I-17 was closed (some sort of accident, and a possible suicide?) so all that weekend traffic back to Phoenix had to wind their way home by way of Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. Slow going! 

Today's agenda includes a tune-up at the chiropractor.  I'm also hoping Alex can come over in the afternoon and help me with the computer; I want to load all the programs Andy sent me so that I can finally start 'taking' his Evidence class.  

I do not expect it to be quick (or easy), but am heartened by the fact that I did well during his brief tutorial with me back in November. At least he was impressed with how quickly, in a matter of minutes, I caught on to some key issues and distinctions; apparently some of his students take much longer!

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