Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tom's chicken was scrumptious last night. I had taken care of the rest of the meal (pasta, bread, asparagus and salad), and Patti enjoyed the gluten-heavy meal (Gary returns tomorrow when of course all of that is off the table.)  With everything else on the menu none of us had room for salad last night (and I had added so many yummies into the greens.) However Patti filled a tublet to take to work for lunch today, and I'm looking forward to having the salad for lunch today also, along with some leftover bread.  Of course some days my "salad" is more like this:

I didn't get right to quilting this morning, instead reading more of The Other Einstein, which I am thoroughly enjoying.  But after I post this entry I plan to get to work on getting the remaining 3 columns sashed together.  Patti was quite impressed last night by how merely sashing them together really makes the color in the blocks pop.

Grace called me back this morning to let me know she appreciated the invite to go see the Maverick's quilts honoring the National Parks but has already been to see it.  She did give it a rave review, which is not surprising.  I've been to their shows before, and they are artists all!  Still no word back from Bobbi.  It's possible she may be out of town grieving with family, or may not yet feel up to being around people or even talking with them. It's only been a month since Dick died.

So instead I am going to spend the afternoon working on the wedding quilt (who knows... maybe I will even get to start on the borders today!?) and instead schedule my visit for next Thursday.  Possibly by then I can round up another partner in crime to go with me.  Wanda called yesterday, and thought she could squeeze it into her schedule for next Thursday, when we could (finally!?) include a trip up to her daughter's shop in Cave Creek (or is it Carefree?) But a check of her calendar shows she will be having company next Thursday.  She's always a busy lady!

Here are a few of the things people were working on at the retreat. and had up on the design walls.

This very simple pattern that would make great use of some of my lumberyard scraps - I love it!

This lone block from happy kid fabrics caught my eye...

and when these others later joined it look how dramatic it is! (I'm pretty sure they are Dee's blocks, even though Misha is in the picture - because the design wall was right behind her chair.)

Ellen was working on some difficult PP blocks (though how she could concentrate, what with being one of the retreat hostesses, plus everything else going on, is even more impressive!)

Now that I'm properly motivated, off to sew!

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