Saturday, February 25, 2017

I skipped Bunco last night (was tired, and Thursday evening I had chugged some EmergenC because I had all the warning signs of an on-coming cold.)  Tom and I were watching Inherit the Wind (have I mentioned lately  how much I am enjoying TCM's 31 days of Oscar films?) when Alex and Aja stopped in.  The two of them have been spending considerable time this past week, apartment shopping for her, and thought they'd found something on Wednesday.  Aja's friend can't move in (or help out with the rent!) for a couple of months, until her lease is up, but told Aja to go ahead and get it... and then on Thursday (after Aja had done all the paperwork and put down the deposit, had done a 180.  (With friends like that.....)  

When they got ready to leave and Alex called Tyga, he very clearly did not want to get up from Aja's lap.  Which was funny enough (because Alex is his boy, and he virtually never misses a chance to go with Alex), but when Aja got up and Tyga didn't want to follow her either, it was bordering on hysterical.  Obviously Tyga has missed his "grandparents" lately (and we've missed him), and so they let him stay with us, saying they would come back and pick him up later.

Tom and I finished watching Inherit the Wind, which I hadn't seen in years, and the parallels between then (the Scopes trial took place 90 years ago) and now, with Science taking a backseat to Religion, are frightening.  When Spencer Tracy talked about "ignorance, bigogtry, and hatred" he might as well have been talking about what is going on today in Trump's America!

While I was "busy" with Patti yesterday, Tom and Alex worked in the yard.  Now we've got a rather respectable pile waiting outside the gate for the upcoming bulk trash pickup, and the yard looks better than I've seen it in a long time. 

Our "jungle" is almost <g> unrecognizable without the carpet of downed leaves back there.  However I am not nearly so happy with how much Tom trimmed back the evergreen tree by the north gate since now I've lost part of my privacy shield for the pool.

 In a bit I'm off to the Paradise Patchers quilt show in Sun City West, and asked Tom what his plans for today are.  His reply?  "NOT yardwork!"

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