Saturday, February 4, 2017

I had a wonderful LONG soak in the hot tub this morning, and the jets helped to work out some of kinks in my back and neck.  Then I did some sewing; I had just enough of the two fabrics I pulled from my scraps (one turquoise, one purple) to make twelve 4-patches. While I still have to do some cutting and resewing (to "disappear" them) I've made a good start on my retreat placemat.

Before I could get to the cutting Jeannie texted me to see if I wanted to join her when she walked down to visit our new neighbors, Tracy and Mike, who will be closing on the 'adobe' house in about ten days and were meeting up with work people today.  (Tracy is one of her quilting clients.)  When we got there a guy was measuring for blinds, then the fence guy arrived, and when I left they were still waiting on the painting guy.  The house is beautiful, though the kitchens and bathrooms are only roughed in and need to be done - but Tracy and Mike are working hard, hoping to hit the ground running as soon as the papers are signed and then move in about 90 days from now!

Lucy and Molly, big boxers, really wanted to play with Latina, their chihuahua.  But she was much happier up in Tracy's arms even though the girls really just wanted to frolic. Tracy and Latina did walk back here with me, and Latina was thrilled to run around the yard with Tyga who was more her size.

Tom did a LOT of raking and bagging today, though there should still be plenty left when Alex gets home (Monday?)  He also fixed the doorknob over at the guest house, which was the problem the other night when I thought Aja had accidentally locked it.  Today I had to struggle with it for several minutes when I went over, and so had "suggested" to Tom that he try to do something before we couldn't get in at all.  

Very tired, and did doze a little this afternoon.  Hope to get a good night's sleep tonight, though my headache has made a reappearance this afternoon.

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