Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fun day at the quilt retreat, though of course not without a few snafus. When I was able to check into my room there was water all over the bathroom floor. I called the front desk, and eventually went down there. It was a zoo (problems with the reservation for a group of soccer players from Canada) but I was assured maintenance would go up to fix it. But when I went back to my room an hour and a half later nothing had been done. Long story short: the toilet needed to be replaced, and I was moved to another room. 

Linda and I were a little concerned about one of the elevators (it really shook) and we were right about it. I actually took it up to my room before dinner, and when I went to take it back down a group of the soccer girls were stranded between floors. Found out later from one of their chaperones (the girls wanted to see what was going on in our quilting room) that 7 girls ended up being stuck for 90 minutes. It got really hot inside, and despite being in top physical shape they started getting sick.

I got a fair amount of sewing done, had fun meeting new friends, and enjoyed the first segment of Show & Tell. 

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