Friday, February 17, 2017

And here is FRIDAY's entry after all (which had remained MIA despite me trying three or four different retrieval 'methods.'  Guess all I needed to do was report it missing <lol> and it magically reappeared!

Another fun, full day at the quilt retreat. I enjoyed my turn during Show & Tell, and of course seeing more of the other ladies' quilts.  In the evening the group showed their Bargello quilts (Ellen had taught a class at last year's retreat) and the results were stunning... and surprisingly different.

In the morning a majority of the group made a run to SAS or 35th Ave. (or both) but I stayed put and sewed. (It's not like I "need" any more fabric, right?)  After lunch we had a wonderful speaker do a presentation on Color Theory, which I thoroughly enjoyed - and learned a wonderful tip for doing shadows.

I did end up driving Linda over to SAS in the afternoon (she realized she didn't have enough rickrack) and as long as I was there I somehow <g> managed to find a couple of things for me. (Who can resist their bargain prices?) While I waited for Linda to finish I chatted with a young lady (surprised her by correctly guessing she was in the 4th grade) but sitting on a hard chair for 10 minutes or so sure made my back rather unhappy. I'm glad I brought my heating pad with me, because it definitely has helped a lot.

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