Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I did not have to head straight home after the gym yesterday (Cheri asked to change our get-together to this afternoon) so I stopped in at Kohl's.  Although my watch is still running just fine (which ruled out a battery issue?) the indiglo light stopped working a couple of weeks ago.  Since it seems like I bought it just a few months ago (though admittedly my sense of time is definitely off these days) I was hoping they could find the purchase in their computer to check if the watch was still under warranty.  But it turned out that wasn't necessary; the saleswoman informed me that as long as they had the exact item in stock, which they did, they would be able to just swap it out, no questions asked.  I was pretty stunned, but she said that's the policy.  So now I am back to being able to tell what time it is when I wake up, and decide whether to get up and start my day or take a pill and go back to sleep.

Yesterday I made the placemat binding (using the backing fabric that wowed Tom so much) and then attached it by machine.  Though of course I still have to do the blind-stitching by hand, basically it's finished.

Next I need to make the first paper-pieced block for the Busy Bees BOM, the hummingbird, which is "due" next Wednesday.  A small block, it will no doubt try to be a large headache judging from past paper-pieced blocks.  I'm definitely looking forward to Betsy's demo next Wednesday, hoping that she will have some great PP construction tips that save me at least some of the aggravation!  Below is this month's pattern, though I plan to use somewhat brighter colors!

Since I was the first one to sign up, the block for next month will be the one I chose: the tortoise  :-)

Alex joined us for dinner last night (Aja had to work) when we went out for BBQ.  He has no food in his house, though he is going shopping today - AND cooking dinner for Aja and me tonight: shrimp Scampi.  Poor Tom will miss out - he's heading down to spend a couple of days at the Tucson Rock Show where he can look at rocks to his heart's content and visit with more of the rock folks.

Back home after dinner last night we (finally!) started All or Nothing, a documentary series about the AZ Cardinals' 2015 season.  Alex has been after us for months to watch it, and I have to agree it was well done and interesting.  Last night we finished the first two episodes, and no doubt will watch the rest of them in a more timely fashion!

Soon I'm off to quilting.  Irene is going to bring her quilting patterns so we can decide on one for Ed & Emily's wedding quilt.  That's on her radar for the end of this month because HOPEFULLY I will have finished it at the quilt retreat!  My ultimate goal is to get the quilt finished by the end of April so I can bring it with me when I head to Maryland for Mom's birthday.

Mom continues to do great - she's always busy with one of her various activities, and remains hard to catch at home!

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