Saturday, February 18, 2017

As expected, it was a rainy day today, so we took the group picture inside.  I made great progress on the wedding quilt, not only finishing up the 80-something blocks, but (after Ellen helped with the layout) also getting all 8 columns sewed together!

Laura had arranged for a couple of ladies from Massage Envy to come over today, and of course I signed up for one of the slots. We were all very, very, very pleased with our massages.

Today was the drawing for the 125 spool blocks.  Since I had only made one I only got one ticket - so I was surprised when my number was one of the five plucked from the basket. Now I'm going home with 25 blocks, and (in theory) will bring the completed quilt with me next year.

In the late afternoon we headed over to Three Dudes for a program and to shop with our $15 gift certificates.  (I used mine to buy a yard of batik that will be perfect for part of the wedding quilt border.) When we arrived we discovered Karen on the ground in the parking lot right in front of the store, with her daughter Becky on the phone to 911. Karen had slipped on the wet curb, and of course no one dared move her until the paramedics arrived to check her out. Though people were holding umbrellas over her I knew she had to be cold lying in the puddles so I grabbed an old quilt out of my car to try to warm her up some. Turned out that while her head/back/hip were okay she suffered a compound fracture to her wrist, and will be having surgery later tonight or in the morning.

After dinner we found out the winner of the placemat challenge (one of the 3 I had voted for) and then played the left/right game to see which one we'd end up with. I'm very happy with the one I'm taking home, a 2-sided scrappy one Dee made.  Denise really wanted mine, so when Yetta captured it Denise engineered a swap.

Looked forward to getting horizontal on the heating pad this evening, but when I got to my room neither key would work. After more than a dozen swipes I schlepped all way way back to the office to have them rekey my card. So when I limped back to my room and that card didn't work I got a little cranky. I was less than thrilled to have to return to the office, where I "asked" for someone to let me into my room. The maintenance guy met me there, cleaned the device - and I'm a lot happier now.

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