Monday, February 13, 2017

I had an excellent tune-up at the chiropractor.  Since I've been conscientious about the way I'm using my left foot (who knew I'd have to relearn how to walk?!) not only has that foot pretty much stopped hurting, but is no longer throwing my hips/back out of alignment.  YAY!

And the chiropractor is pretty sure that my current arm/shoulder issues of the past month or so are being caused by the way I position my arm when I sleep - so that's the next thing to work on.  (Since he's been right about everything so far I really do trust him.)  Patch, patch, patch!

This afternoon I 'had' to watch one of my library DVDs (it's due back and couldn't be renewed) and it definitely made me laugh.  Pretty sure Sally Field had a lot of fun filming it.

After a quick run to drop DVDs and books off at the library I stopped over at Wanda's to shop some of the fabrics she's selling on eBay.  (Of course I made a purchase or two.... okay, four!)  The best news is that she's decided to fill the vacancy at quilt camp up in Flagstaff the end of March.  YAY!

Alex came over earlier and tried to get me set up with the Evidence class videos.  Unfortunately we ran into a snafu right off the bat, because I don't have a UMID, and the site does not recognize the alternative, the last 4 digits of my SS#.   Hopefully Andy can get me squared away with that.  Maybe I can use his?

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