Friday, February 3, 2017

I whipped up the spool block for the drawing at the upcoming retreat, and pretty pleased at how it turned out.  One lucky lady will go home with all the blocks...

Jay called during dinner last night, but the connection was so bad I couldn't understand his excuse for not appearing on Tuesday, or calling before Thursday night.  But he is okay, which is the good news, and did apologize for not calling sooner.

Aja dropped off Tyga before heading to work last night.  She's going to be working LONG hours through the weekend and didn't want him to be alone (though he does seem to be recovering nicely.)  However she didn't want to not see him all weekend, so the plan was for her to crash at the guest house when she gets home in the wee hours of the morning see him then.  To that end I took him over around 10:00 before I headed to bed... but even though I had no trouble unlocking the deadbolt, the doorknob (for which we have NO KEY!) was locked.  So I had to bring Tyga back over here, and text Aja Plan B: that I would leave the door unlocked and she could sleep in Lisa's bed.

When I got up this morning Tyga was MIA, Aja was not asleep over here, and once I turned on my phone and got her text (she got home about 3:30) it seemed that she had no trouble getting in over there.  

Now I'm getting ready to head to the gym.  According to the latest numbers on my scale I really need it!

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