Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Yesterday I swept porches now that the wind/rain seems to be finished, and it would be great if they could  stay looking this nice for a while.  Then I collected Tyga from the back house so he could "help" me rake the jungle; I'm pleased to report that his recuperation continues and he was moving around even better yesterday. 

Of course it's a given that even tamping down the leaves in the can I barely made a dent in their volume before the can was filled to overflowing.  Of course I could have rolled the second can over and kept going, but I found other (better!) things to do... like sit on the chaise poolside and read. 

This morning (unfortunately I've been up since around 3:30) I finished Glitter and Glue.  While it was not quite what I expected it did turn out to be an excellent read about the evolving relationship between mother and daughter.

Jay, resident geologist from the hot springs, called yesterday afternoon to let me know he's "in the neighborhood" (at the show in Quartzsite?)  After a dental appointment in Yuma this afternoon he's going to come by for dinner, and given the distance from Yuma we no doubt will be dining fashionably late.   Since we only talked briefly, I have no idea how long he can stay and visit. Of course now that our weather has finally decided to behave normally again there's certainly no rush for him to return to COLD Colorado! 

Last night Jim took us out to dinner to thank us for our wonderful hospitality; he's blasting off this morning after rush hour.  So the guest room in the guest house will be free (though Jim actually stayed in his camper, just using the house for the bathroom facilities and laundry.)  

Unfortunately both Tom and I have Wednesday plans.  I've got the Landscape Quilt class in the morning, with a lunch afterward, and dinner and Book Club at Cheri's in the evening.  Tom will be driving down to Tucson to meet up with a jeweler who is interested in his fire obsidian.  Hopefully Jay can find stuff to do while he's rattling around here (he can always pretend the hot tub is the hot springs) and we can spend more time together on Thursday.  However Tom does have another high end jeweler coming up from Tucson on Thursday to check out his stones.

January is usually like this!

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