Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sunday was a very lazy day; I spent the start of the New Year on the couch in my PJs, vegging out and watching movies.  It was relaxing!  

At one point during the day (when it stopped raining) I had bundled up and gone out to do a little weeding in the soggy front yard.  But after less than 10 minutes the wet stuff started falling again so Tom "made me" come inside.  At least they (finally) took notice of all the rain we've gotten and officially cancelled this week's upcoming irrigation!

Did have to actually get dressed around dinner time Sunday, when we popped up to Jeannie's for dinner.  Apparently black eyed pea soup is supposed to bring good luck in the new year, though that was a new one on me; I always think of apples and honey.

Monday both Patti and I got a slow start, so we didn't get going until around noon... which was when we discovered that the 'new' batch of Wonder Under didn't seem to be any good any more.  (Glad I still have enough of the old batch to finish up the last few details of the Taj Mahjal!)  We made a run up to JoAnn's (which was quite a zoo, and some clueless staff didn't help the situation any...) to buy a new batch.  I have to admit I was surprised when they let me exchange the old stuff for the new - but when we got home that wasn't happy either.  So Patti and I put aside the dragonfly project for the time being and ended up watching a movie, Bessie.

I had put on a pot of lentils in the afternoon, and with some of the sourdough bread it made a good winter dinner.  But bet it truly felt like WINTER up in Flagstaff, where Alex & Aja spent the day snowboarding with friends.  This is the pic he posted yesterday, of his "happy place":

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

They didn't plan to get home until quite late last night.  A text, around 8, let me know that they were heading out to dinner with friends up there before driving back - but still were going to pick up Tyga for the night upon their return.  Of course I was asleep by 10:00, and never heard anything, though Tyga does seem to be MIA this morning.  Since the plan is to head back up to Flag today to board again (with a different batch of friends) Tyga will no doubt be spending today with his "grandparents" again.

Tracy called last night, and we chatted for a long time.  I was just thinking about her, because earlier in the evening her friend Tammi (who I met when we all went to the Bonnie Raitt concert last year) had called to let me know that my sister's dogs were out.... What????

Of course I was just a tad confused... 
after all, Marilyn and Frannie live in Texas! 

All became clear when it turned out 
she had meant to call a different Bobbi on her phone.

Today it's the gym.  Since I cancelled Friday when I was so sleep-deprived, and there was no boot camp on Sunday, it's been a week.  Wonder how much my body will complain today?

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