Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The cleaning crew did a phenomenal job of dusting the house yesterday afternoon.  Their timing was perfect, calling to say they were on their way just a few minutes after the duct cleaning crew left.  Everything not only looks so much better, but no doubt we will also be breathing much better because of all of the fixes.

Here is the (embarrassing) BEFORE picture of one of the the ducts:

and the happy AFTER one:

Alex called yesterday to check in on me and make sure I was doing okay. (I had called him on my way home from Joni's memorial Saturday, hoping to be cheered up a little - which did work.)  He's become much more solicitous this past year or so, and I chalk it up to maturity and Aja's influence.

Yesterday was a wet raw day, so a bowl of hearty stew and some freshly baked bread was a perfect dinner.  Wanda had called me back as we were getting ready to sit down to eat (I had a question about the mesh bags as I was typing up my directions for the class I will be teaching at Busy Bees later this year) and she was rather surprised to hear that I had cooked...

but hey, strange things happen all the time!

I wish I hadn't woken up so early (5-ish) since I stayed up past 11 last night to finish a book.  My eyes do feel a little gritty this morning.

On Sunday I called Deb in Tucson.  I'd been thinking about her for a while (she's been having numerous serious health issues for a number of years) but hadn't quite worked up the nerve to call.  Though she was a real trouper and did her best to be deal cheerful despite all of her challenges, the last time I spoke with her was when she was fraying a little around the edges from dealing with an on-going pain issue that had been making her miserable for over a year. Chronic pain is SO wearing!  And honestly with all the bad news from friends in recent months I was afraid to hear the latest from Deb.  So I was thrilled to hear not only that she is doing well these days, but one of her major diagnoses had been a mistake!  

Another reason Deb must have been on my mind was that yesterday was her birthday - which I didn't realize until a reminder popped up on FB.  But she is without a computer these days, so unfortunately she didn't get to see all the birthday wishes posted from friends.  Since I'm not going to be able to attend the Tucson Quilt Show next month (it's the same weekend as the Quilt Retreat) I'm hoping she'll be able to go and report back to me.  :-)

The speaker at the show will be Lenore Crawford.  
Here's part of her award-winning Capturing Brittany quilt:

Not raining at the moment, and so I'm off to soak without getting wet before I even get in.

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