Monday, January 23, 2017

Last night, while I was "helping" Tom watch the taped football games (for championship games they both were disappointing blow-outs), I wrote my blog.  But when I hit the SAVE button, the iPad flipped out - and all my musings were gone.  Annoying (but never surprising) when a computer screws with me.  So I'll try again this morning and hope to remember the 'important' stuff.

Saturday afternoon I attended Joni's memorial, and was glad to see the vast majority of the Busy Bees were also there.  The church was packed, which had to be some comfort to the family to see how many friends Joni had and how many people will miss her smiling face.  All four of her children gave touching eulogies, but especially poignant was the one by Michelle.  Not only is she the spitting image of her mother, but she lost her teenage son Corey last year after a lengthy battle with cancer.

I know many of the people who marched Saturday (in Arizona, Colorado, California) and would have liked to have joined the historic day here in Phoenix.  Maybe we should all March again on April 15 as a reminder that Yes, as a matter of fact we DO care about his tax returns!

Tyga returned yesterday for his week-long stay at Dodge Doggy Daycare, and was incredibly excited to be back and see me again.  Aja knows he'll have a good time here while she's on her cruise, though we'll see how he does later today when the guys are making noise cleaning out the vents.  If it upsets him (apparently the beagle in him comes out when a sound that hurts his ears makes him howl, though happily we've never heard him unhappy) he can just hang out at the back house until that's done.

It was a tough boot camp at the gym yesterday - maybe to make up for the easy one last Sunday?  We had a large group, 8 of us, though I was the only one who didn't make it all the way through.  After about half an hour I felt a little light-headed and decided to sit out.  While I'd had a good breakfast of oatmeal, and a good lunch of  'naked' tuna, I don't think I had hydrated enough.  And there was definitely more than the usual amount of sweating going on.

Afterward I did the grocery shopping next door a Winco, and was pleasantly surprised at how short my wait to check out was.  Sundays are often busy at the store, but I got lucky. Today I'll be whipping up my savory beef stew, and making bread in the bread-maker.

Hilda received the Taj Mahal pillow, and according to Terry she LOVED it.  Since Hilda also asked for my home phone number, I soon expect to hear from her directly (maybe after COX hooks up the new modem today.)  Would love to get a pic of Hilda with the pillow, but in the meantime will share this one again.

In the afternoon Barry, one of Tom's knapper friends from Canada, brought over a friend of his (with Tom's permission) to view the museum.  John is also an artist (he makes beautiful metal bowls) but when I saw his business card I couldn't help cracking up over his 'bizarre' name: John Smith-Jones.

I may have mentioned a couple who stopped by several months ago, wanting to harvest the olives from the trees in our yard.  Yesterday they stopped in with a jar of the finished product.  I, of course, didn't taste one (to say I don't like olives is an understatement) but Tom said they were quite tasty.

Did some work on the wedding quilt yesterday.  Most of the blocks look great, though there is one fabric that I may 86 from the project because there's just not enough contrast.  I had wondered about that when we originally chose it...

Guess I'll get ready to start the day since the various workmen/repairmen should be arriving shortly.

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