Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One mat exercise we did on Sunday bothered my lower back, even after I got a rolled up towel to support the gap.  I didn't think too much about it at the time, but yesterday I definitely paid for it.  Most of the day I could not stand up straight, and getting up from the couch (and rolling over in bed) was difficult - and painful.  (It's been quite a while since my back went out like that, and I'd almost forgotten how miserable that is.) 

Much of yesterday was spent horizontal on the heating pad watching movies or reading, though I'm happy to report that by dinnertime I was able to stand up relatively straight.  This morning I still seem to be doing okay, though of course will see how my session at the gym goes.  At this point I'm going to blame my back issue on Sunday's exercise... which I will prudently skip from now on!

Obviously I did not get my quilting area mucked yesterday.  But since I had an early start on today (woke around 5:00), after I had my coffee, took a soak, and chatted with Mom I got right on it.  I do have to admit it looks a whole lot better, and also will be easier to work on projects.  I'm gearing up to start on the wedding quilt, hoping to get the cutting part (my least favorite) done so I can sew sew sew at the quilt retreat in mid-February.  Another plus is that during the mucking I came across various goodies, including some additional batik fabrics that will work and can easily be incorporated into the scrappy pattern.

There have been ongoing issues with one of the house heaters (we have two units, one for each side of the house) and this morning the second one seemed somewhat unhappy, so Tom bit the bullet and called the repair guy; the two of them are currently outside assessing the situation.  The units were installed around 2002, so I'm really hoping that they have not reached the end stage of life and just want a little TLC!

We still don't have a working home phone.  It's been about a month, but what with the holidays and all the rain (it never works for several days after it rains, and every time I got ready to call more rain was predicted) it never seemed to be a good time.  

After a brief discussion this morning we've decided to cancel the landline service.  So e-mail me if you only have that number and I'll give you my cell.

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