Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When I returned from the gym the COX truck was here, and I headed inside for the latest chapter in the on-going phone saga.  Juan was just finishing up; he'd found (and fixed) a short in the kitchen phone jack.  Apparently (like Christmas lights) if one goes out, they're all out.  So (for the time being at least!) the phones are working again.  And the best news is that Juan left his direct cell phone number with us, so that IF we should lose phone service again (and there's definitely been that trend lately!) we won't have to go through everything with a 4th person - he'll put in a service request and come back himself.

This afternoon I took Tyga for a Pawdicure.  He got excited when he saw me pick up the leash, and was thrilled to go for a ride in the car.  He was even happy to be at PetSmart... at least until we entered the grooming area.  Though he was less than thrilled with the whole process he behaved like a true gentleman, so of course when we got home he got a treat.  I've been working on getting him to shake "correctly" (with his right paw instead of his left) and I think he's pretty much got it down now.

Going to be cold again tonight and tomorrow night (quite nippy when I headed out to soak this morning - I could see my breath ) but in a few days temps should be back to normal.

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