Friday, January 27, 2017

As of this morning Alex is off again for work (this time to California,Oregon, Washington and Idaho) so Tyga is back with us, at least for a short bit.  (Not as exciting as when he's with Alex, but that's not always a good thing.)  Aja just called.  The group will be flying from Miami to California this evening as scheduled, and I expect her to pick up her baby after they drive back to AZ tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing all about the cruise.  The phone connection was bad, but it sounded like she has some stories to tell!

Karen's penguin bag is mostly made; I just have to put in the zipper and square off the bottom.  But since I have lots going on today I will probably leave that for tomorrow.  Then I can pop it in the mail.  It turns out that Karen will be in Colorado (she and Mark live in NY) in February for a ski vacation, so Terry "hinted" that if I mail it there she will also get to see it, unlike the Taj Mahal pillow for her mom in Texas.  Hilda was finally able to get through on the phone (like everyone else she kept getting a busy signal when the phone was out of order for so long) and raved about the pillow.  

She thinks it's perfect - I told her she may need new glasses!

I'm pleased with how it's turned out (I used a lighter color for her lining fabric, which should make it easier to find stuff than it is in mine) though really how you can possibly go wrong with penguins?

Off to the gym!

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