Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This morning my back is quite achy, but happily nowhere near what it was like on Monday!  After a relaxing morning soak it is somewhat happier, though sitting through the Busy Bee meeting later this morning (even with my Thermorest) is not likely to do it any good.  I may have to walk around in the back from time to time and only sit a bit.

It turns out the heating units are okay, though admittedly no longer young; the biggest problem (there were a couple) stemmed from the fact that a duct in the ceiling had come unattached.  Since we'd rather heat (and later cool) the house instead of the attic, repairs to that are going to happen tomorrow. We also should get the duct system cleaned out (just a "little" dusty here in Arizona...) but not sure if that's on Thursday's agenda or not.

More rain (and wind) is forecast for Friday and Saturday.  This weekend  is the culmination of the big PowWow in Quartzsite, when Tom planned to connect with friends and rock dealers.  Now he's thinking of heading up there today, the first day of festivities, instead. 

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