Monday, January 30, 2017

Aja and Tyga came over yesterday and stayed for dinner.  I had a batch of spaghetti sauce simmering in the crock pot all day for whenever Tom and Jim made it back from Flagstaff/Jerome/Sedona.  An accident on I-17 slowed down traffic for about an hour, but they eventually arrived home ready to chow down.  Today they're off again, this time prospecting for gold.  The other night Jim shared his slide show of his numerous prospecting trips above the Arctic Circle, where over the years he's found some incredible nuggets.

Tyga is recovering nicely from his 'adventure' on Wednesday, when he and a vehicle had a run-in.  Alex saw the whole thing go down, and needless to say it scared him half to death.  The good news is that Tyga sustained no broken bones or internal injuries, so aside from a lot of scrapes and bruises he came through reasonably unscathed. The silver lining to the entire episode (which BTW cost Alex a lot of money at the emergency vet) is that now I'm pretty sure Alex finally "gets" why parents worry!  I also have to assume he'll make sure to have a leash with him at all times from now on...

Karen's penguin bag is in the mail to Terry's so it should be waiting for her when she arrives in Colorado for her annual ski trip.  Now I can get going on the two items I need to whip up before the Quilt Retreat so I can participate in the swaps: a spool block and a placemat.

Our weather is back to normal, and expected to hit 71 today.  
I may take advantage of the beautiful day and do some raking.

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