Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nancy gave a wonderful trunk show at Busy Bees yesterday.  A prolific quiltmaker, she brought in several dozen quilts, just a very small fraction of the ones still living with her.  Here are just a few from yesterday.

Here Nancy is pointing out the bane of every quilter who makes a scrappy quilt.  No matter how hard  we try to keep the various fabrics equally distributed throughout the quilt, and how many different placements of blocks we try (because 'fixing' one block by moving it elsewhere always ruins another...) we always seem to end up with the same fabric in adjoining blocks.  This quilt used all sorts of bright flower fabrics, though the lighting was off and I lost a lot of the color.

I remember when Nancy made this quilt; more than one person said it could be difficult to relax and sleep under a quilt with such dramatic movement!

When Carol taught this class (over a decade ago?) I wanted to take it but was in Maryland then visiting family.  I did eventually end up with one, the one Carol used for the class demo, in which the Friendship Stars are different bright colors.

If I could score just one of Nancy's quilts, it would definitely be this one.  I love the B/W with the bright colors - which are brighter than they appear from a distance...


Yes, serious planning of color placement had to go into this one.

Orange you glad I included this one, Mom?

I remember when Nancy made this one (over a decade ago?) and it gave me an idea for all the tropical fish prints I have.  My plan was to make fish with rising bubbles where she used the 3 panels.  Is anyone surprised that I haven't yet gotten around to that quilt? <g>

Even upside down this is a happy quilt!

Show & Tell was fun, though few ladies had things to show - no doubt because so many recent projects had likely been given away as gifts last month. I know that was certainly the case with me; I didn't have my dachshund quilt or Taj Mahal pillow to show the ladies.

Sharon's work is always lovely.  This wall-hanging is not truly my style - but her work is gorgeous (as always!)  And of course how can you go wrong with these colors?!

Susan's holiday cute redwork had all the ladies, including me, oohing and aahing.

Jan's paper-pieced "Show" BOM is adorable.

But it was Jan's "Tell" that I really enjoyed.  She had mentioned at Foothills last week that she was going to have her two granddaughters over the weekend, when she planned a quilting project with them.  First she took them over to 35th Ave. to pick out some batik fabrics, which apparently horrified the younger one, 8yo Aubrey... because she thought they were shopping for butt cheek fabric! 

Don't think Jan (or I) will ever be able to look at batiks without thinking of Aubrey and smiling!

After the meeting broke up I headed over to 35th Ave. myself, partly because I was so close how could I not... especially since I had a 40% off coupon set to expire in a few days.  Ended up buying 6 yards of a stunning batik for the backing of Ed & Emily's quilt.  Still don't know how large the quilt will end up being, and may only need 4 yards - which means I'd have the rest left over for something else!

Tom headed to Quartzsite today, with Gary, for the first day of the big Pow Wow weekend.  Too bad today's weather (rain and wind predicted) isn't like yesterday's, when it was warm and sunny and I was out and about in a t-shirt.  Unfortunately (for everyone concerned) Friday and Saturday are expected to be even worse, so today was the 'best' day.

The repair guy is here, up in the attic fixing the unattached ductwork.  So soon we should have truly functional heat!  I've also made an executive decision to make an appointment to have the ductwork cleaned out.  Jose says it's VERY bad up there, which is no surprise considering what I can see at the filter grates in the ceiling - and the fact that we've never had it done! 

 Obviously we are WAY overdue for that!!!

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