Friday, January 20, 2017

Both heaters are now working great - thank you, Jose!  The before/after pictures he took in the attic were eye-openers, and no wonder I have lost the Battle of Dust.  It didn't help that the "holes" in the ceilings are not a standard size, so Tom has always had to tweak the filters, which of course then left gaps.  But yesterday Jose installed the custom shims he made so now the filters fit in snugly and thus should do a much better job.

  In addition I've made the appointment to have the ducts cleaned on Monday morning - AND the added bonus is that in the afternoon a cleaning crew will be arriving (thank you Sunrise Mechanical!) to dust and vacuum the house.  Though Jennifer did make it clear that they "won't be doing the kitchens and bathrooms", I am thrilled about having the ubiquitous dust removed.  Here's hoping that with the ducts now firmly attached and soon to be cleaned, plus filters now better able to do their jobs, I will be able to keep the house reasonably dust-free.  Of course this is Arizona, plus we are surrounded by many horse 'pastures' (with the grass long gone), but I am counting on the dust situation being much, much better!

Yesterday I got started on the wedding quilt!  Made my strip sets first, and the color combination looks as good as I hoped.   With the four seams a smidge over 1/4" the final pieces turned out to be 7 7/8" instead of 8" .  But that's not really a problem; just means I need to cut all my batik rectangles that size.  Which is exactly the reason I that this time around I fashioned the strip sets first (learned that from the first quilt I made with this pattern.)

Patti texted me in the morning to see if I wanted to go out for pizza with her after work since the guys were in Quartzsite for the day and would likely be home late.  Guess how I answered?  

We went to the make-your-own-pizza place over by the movies, and it was delicious!  I brought home the couple of slices I couldn't finish, planning to have them for lunch today.  Then we watched my latest Netflix, Joyful Noise. Certainly no surprises in the plot, but there were lots of great lines and we found it entertaining.  

The guys arrived home during the last 5 minutes of the movie.  It turned out that their weather wasn't quite as bad as any of us had feared and they had an enjoyable day.  Tom, however, was quite hungry - and certainly enjoyed my leftover pizza!

COX is coming out this morning to (try to!) fix the phone.  When I called yesterday to cancel the landline, it turned out that there was a phone/TV/internet package "special" which would reduce our bill.  Cancelling the phone service (making the special unavailable?) would only reduce our current bill to the special price, so we 'might as well' get the landline fixed (no charge to us) and keep it.  And they did give me a credit for the month we've gone without.  

Not knowing what Tom's plans for today were I switched today's gym session to the afternoon.  That, of course, means I can't volunteer at Park Meadows today, when I looked forward to seeing Diane and giving her a condolence hug in person after the recent loss of her mom over the holidays.

Today will be a National Day of Mourning for many of us, and tomorrow I will be attending Joni's memorial service. More than enough sadness to go around!!!

Yesterday I picked up the latest book to come in at the library, The Nightengale, and I started reading it last night.  Then this morning, when I woke up a little before 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep, I read some more.  Seems like an appropriate book to be reading today...

And our TV will certainly NOT be tuned to any channel airing the inauguration today!

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