Monday, January 16, 2017

Lately we've been having fine weather for ducks.  

I'm not truly complaining since Arizona can use it to help offset the effects of the past decade's drought, but various parts of my body are doing the complaining for me.

It goes without saying that our weather is considerably better than that of most of the rest of the country.  Sadly Mom's trip to visit Suzanne in NY this past weekend was postponed due to the crappy weather.  These guys, however, seem to be enjoying it!

On Saturday Patti and I made a second stab at the dragonfly project, and thought we were on a roll... until we discovered a major snafu (my fault). So we put it aside (again!) and instead spent the afternoon watching The Free State of Jones, starring Matthew McConaughy, which we enjoyed. Here's hoping our third attempt, whenever that is, will be the charm!   

Afterward Tom sprang for pizza for the four us after he lost a Beatles' bet to Gary.  (That's twice in the past week Tom's been bested on Beatles trivia!)  

We got it at Barrio's because Patti and Gary have discovered that they have the best-tasting gluten-free pizza crust, which Gary needs.  "Best tasting gluten free", however, is a relative term, so the rest of us chowed down on a regular one, and it was definitely delicious. We may be switching over to Barrio's for our pizza from now on.

Sunday afternoon I made it through the entire hour of Boot Camp at the gym, which surprised me since it'd been a month's hiatus for me; I missed last Sunday because I was in Havasu, and the two Sundays before that were Christmas and New Year's Day when there was no 'class'.  I expected to find it rough going, and even 'warned' Jim that I might be leaving mid-way through.  But he went easy on us (I think he was a little under the weather), which suited me just fine!

When I got home from the gym Tyga was gone.  Alex and Aja had gotten home from Sedona and picked him up on their way to Vegas to snowboard Mt. Charleston.  (No, as a matter of fact Alex doesn't stop "going"!)  

They will be home by Tuesday because he goes back to work on Wednesday, but he has gotten in a LOT of snowboarding in the past couple of weeks.  Here he is, getting an impressive amount of air!

.  Not sure how much quality time Tyga will get with them if they snowboard all day (and party all night?)  Tom did suggest Tyga remain here with us, but since when did kids listen to their parents?  <g>

Recently an 'old' friend (she's actually younger than I am, but we've been good friends for almost 40 years) had been on my mind, so I gave her a call yesterday.  Turns out there was a reason I'd been thinking about her, and sadly not a good one.  Her husband recently got a very bad cancer diagnosis.

 Of course it was quite a shock, and at some point, when things worsen, I will be going out to visit them and help her out. She suggested once it hits triple digits here, when I will be more than happy to escape our heat.

Today could be the day I muck off my quilting area (Tom did roll his eyes yesterday when I mentioned that) so I can get started on Ed & Emily's wedding quilt.  

But first, I think I'll go take a soak in the hot tub!

One last smile before I go.  

Took this picture in Alan's workshop last weekend.  Bet I'm not the only one <g> wishing I had that top drawer from which to to grab parts!

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