Thursday, January 12, 2017

 The last couple of books I've read were not good enough to recommend, but I did come across some passages I wanted to share.

"This is why parents want grandchildren.  Really they want their own children back again, they long to feel that vanished and complete love."

"I was a child myself now: as soon as you were a victim, as soon as you were deeply hurt, you were a child again.  Helplessness was the one true fountain of youth."

"None of my friends here seem to understand the urgency of my fear.  They live in a personal world where rules are followed and fairness reigns; they're mostly white and mostly middle-class, meaning they feel entitled to justice for themselves and expect it for all the other people in their lives.  Corruption belongs elsewhere, other countries, Wall Street or Congress, lobbyists."

This morning I've done some yardwork, greatly improving my view from the hot tub.  I've also dealt with the bird feeders; sadly I've been remiss at keeping them full. Currently I'm wondering how long it will take the birds to find the restocked 'buffet'...

Later this afternoon I plan to make another trip to the library, and then pop over to Sheri's where there will be a class on "my" dachshund quilt.  We thought the ladies might enjoy seeing my version, and possibly even get an idea or two.

Had to change my tax appointment, because yesterday I found out that a class I'd like to take (on t-shirt quilts) has been scheduled for that morning.  The one I made for Mom after Dad died turned out well, but I figure I can always use ideas for the next one I do (because I'm constantly amazed at "new" tips that make a process easier.)

  So many of them are easy, common sense techniques, which makes me wonder why it took so long to hear about them...

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