Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday was another successful session at the gym, with some of my weights upped yet again.  I had gotten a tad sore from Tuesday's workout, which makes me feel 'good' since it proves that I've worked some neglected muscles. But (so far at least) I haven't noticed any ill effects from yesterday's workout.

Then it was off to pick up Wanda.  After she admired Hilda's pillow she "convinced" me that we should make a run down to 35th Ave. (never a hard sell!) where I ended up shopping for batiks for Ed & Emily's wedding quilt.   

Remember how I couldn't find the color card Emily had made me, despite going through the car console (not once, not twice, but three times!) where the card should have been.  And yes, on the final search I had even taken everything out.  But SOMEHOW yesterday, when I pulled out my 35th Ave. coupons I keep stashed in there, I discovered the color card was tucked between a couple of them.  It was definitely a relief to find the card, yet incredible that it had stayed undetected through all those diligent searches - though Wanda said she's constantly amazed at how often things like that happen. 

We had the usual fun browsing the fabric aisles. Wanda was a big help in choosing the fabrics, and I'm excited to get started on that project.  After all that hard work (so many choices!) we lunched at Olive Garden, which was delicious as usual, and ended up chatting long after we'd finished eating.  I always enjoy my time with her... and not just because she makes chocolate goodies for me. <g>

Tom and Alex dove into some of her fudge last night, and gave it rave reviews.  I waited until 'breakfast' (didn't want to risk compromising my sleep last night) and heartily concur.

This morning I took Hilda's pillow to get it packaged and mailed; she should have it some time next week.  Picked up a book at the library that Mom had recommended (I had heard an author interview on NPR so it was actually already on my radar) and look forward to diving in when I finish my current read.  Finally filled out the quilt show form and had the required picture printed up at Walgreens.  Tyga went along for the ride, and also to the post office to mail.  The deadline for entries to be at the AQG office is this coming Friday, and apparently I'm not the only procrastinator; Wanda said last she heard they had only received 70 entries!

Patti called this morning, and is coming over in a bit so we can try the dragonfly project again.  Here's hoping we have better luck today.

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