Saturday, January 28, 2017

It was the usual fun at Bunco last night.  We had 5 tables, and then for LRC afterward people came out of the woodwork to play, so there was a hefty pot up for grabs.  

Lots of  'cheering' at the end when it was down to just two people (though the actual two kept changing, of course.)  The excitement got loud enough that I thought the sound might possibly have carried across the irrigation ditch  and back yards to the house here, though Tom and Jim said not.  

The cliff-hanger ended when Edie finally won.

I called Bobbi this morning to see about heading down to the fairgrounds together today for the big sewing show as we'd discussed a week or so ago.  That's when I lelarned the sad news that her husband Dick passed away on Thursday.  

As expected she's devastated and just wants to crawl back into bed today - 
and I gave my full "permission" for her to do just that! 

So I won't be going to the show.  That's probably just as well, since basically it's quilting vendors packed into two of the largest commercial buildings there... and it's not like I "need" to buy any more fabric or tools!  

It also means I have no excuse not do the zipper on Karen's bag today.  

I might also run up to Jeannie's afterward as a reward.  

She's got Anne's show quilt on the frame, and wants me to come up and see it.

I've just finished seining the floaters off of the surface of the pool.  Yesterday's strong (and chilly!) winds not only caused it be unpleasant to spend any time outside, but made a real mess of the pool.  Of course a substantial number of water-logged leaves already sank the bottom, but the water is quite cold (my hand practically froze just pulling out the skimmer basket) so I'm not inclined to get everything set up to vacuum the floor of the pool.  MAYBE I can convince Tom to do it if he and Jim get back from grubbing early enough this afternoon?

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