Monday, January 9, 2017

More than one person questioned why I had stopped working on the Taj Mahal pillow when I was so close to finishing.  At the end of that day, when I was tired, I had hit a snag and (wisely!) decided to set it aside before I made a horrible mistake.  

But part of me resisted going back to it to deal with that snag because in truth I was pretty sure it would still be an issue even when I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  

This morning I decided to just deal with it - and in the end it was such a headache that I "adjusted" the pattern.  The good news is that I'm pretty sure Hilda won't notice - at least I hope not!  I've actually started "quilting" it (mostly buttonhole) and with just one appointment later this afternoon I expect to have the top completed and ready for pillowing by tomorrow.  Heads up, Colleen!

When I hung my new hummingbird calendar in the kitchen I obviously didn't look at it too closely, because last night I noticed something didn't seem right.  And sure enough it's a 2016 one! When Tom bought it at Barnes & Noble in the calendar department he never thought that he'd need to double check the year (which, by the way, is quite small and hard to notice!)

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