Thursday, January 12, 2017

At Foothills yesterday I showed off Hilda's Taj Mahal pillow, where it was appropriately admired.   (Of course they were viewing it from a distance, though not at 30 yards on a galloping horse.... <g>)  After I show it to Wanda tomorrow I can wrap it up and send it on its way to Texas.

I'd also borrowed Aja's quilt to bring along, and the ladies definitely loved it.  So much, in fact, that several of them want to make one of their own.

The first meeting of the year is usually incredibly long, so everyone was surprised that we actually finished up fairly early.  Among other good news was how many pillowcases, totes, and quilts we made and donated to New Life, the domestic abuse shelter we help to support.  Some organization gives the shelter $22 for every hour spent volunteering there (and we were informed that working on these projects counts!), and in 2016 we earned $21,000 for them!

On the way home I stopped off at the copy shop to show the finished pillow to Donna (who enlarges patterns for me) and then popped in across the parking lot to show Sheri at The Other Quilt Shop.  I'd also planned to shop for the fabric for Ed & Emily's quilt so I could get started on their wedding quilt - except that the color card was not in the car.  I assumed I'd brought it back into the house and tacked it back onto the bulletin board (where it had lived since I got back the end of November) but it's not there.  

We finally caught up on the taped Jeopardy programs, and thus last night we had to watch in real time (when at first I kept trying to fast forward through the lengthy commercials.)  During Tuesday's episode I got the Final Jeopardy question when Tom didn't, which was surprising given the category was The Beatles and he's such a big fan.  Then during last night's show I scored another coup, when I got the final question (Shakespeare category) and none of the 3 contestants did.  

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