Thursday, January 26, 2017

The ladies had fun at yesterday's quilt-as-you-go Strip Quilt class. 

This was "my" table (see my thermorest peeking at the bottom?) Cathy, the woman on the right, just joined Foothills yesterday but has jumped right in.  I loved her fabrics; they were the similar to the blues and browns I'm using in the wedding quilt.

I was not the only one with questions.  
Here Stephanie is explaining part of the process.

Notice the big brown bag of scraps at the bottom of this pic?
We all have those!

 I didn't schlep my machine (just have too much on my plate to start another project right now) but I did take copious notes; as usual I needed some additional clarification at a crucial step of the directions Stephanie handed out.  At some point I plan to make one, possibly putting a dent in the tonnage of strips I have saved from previous projects.  I can only hope that the notes I added to her handout with the directions will allow me to understand how to join the blocks. If not, she helpfully included the URL for a YouTube tutorial that should help answer any questions I have.

Tyga was thrilled to see "his boy" arrive home yesterday.  
He ran around in circles and practically tried to crawl into Alex.  

We, of course, won't get Tyga back again until Alex takes off again (not sure which day that will be) and did miss the little guy last night.

Ralph enjoyed dinner, some of Monday's stew and a second loaf of bread I baked yesterday.  He was unfamiliar with automatic breadmakers, but as impressed as he was with the bread last night I'm pretty sure he's going to scope them out and get one for his own place.  I was going to "let" him try it out and make a loaf for tonight's dinner to see just how easy it is.  Unfortunately he was just here for the one night; he needs to blast off shortly so he can spend a few days with his mom in San Diego before heading home.

Friday and Saturday will be busy, but I have nothing on the agenda for today (Thursdays are usually my one free day) so I'm finally starting Karin's penguin bag.  In theory <g> I should be able to make it at least up to the zipper step (not sure if I have one the right length/color.)

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