Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, after using Colleen's handy-dandy pillow template, I finished Hilda's pillow.  I think it turned out really well (Alex and Aja were quite impressed) and I expect to hear more good things later this morning when I share it at Foothills.  It definitely helps that I decided to use the backing fabric for the front outer border.  That's an idea I'll be sure to use from now on, because it blends in the seam between front and back and helps the pillow form 'sit' better inside.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Pizza Box reveal today. I would have loved to participate, but when it started last January I only had the use of one hand - plus no idea how long my recovery from the surgery would take.  (And since I'd already been out of commission for several months it's not like I didn't have countless other projects lined up for whenever I could start back up again!)

Alex joined us for dinner last night.  We got to hear more about his snowboarding in Colorado under "epic" snow conditions. and he also showed us some of his many GoPro clips.  Obviously he had a blast... "best trip ever!"  So guess where he headed early this morning?

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