Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Unfortunately Aja was seriously under the weather yesterday - but between soup, a snuggly friend, and a comfy quilt last night, here's hoping she's feeling better today!

While she stayed home and worked on recuperating yesterday, she missed out on returning to Flagstaff for another day of boarding - but Alex went and concentrated on having enough fun for the two of them.  That rope below is meant to 'force' folks into zig-zag pattern, thus slowing them down before heading into the congested area at the bottom... but some folks just have to push the envelope.

Alex is currently on his way to Colorado this morning for more snowboarding at Rockstar events at Keystone, and possibly Telluride.  He needed a ride over to the departure point, so I was also up and out early this morning.  I didn't mind getting up at 6:30, but coming home I got to deal with rush hour traffic while also driving into the sun, which was less fun.

No clouds in sight today, so maybe I should go pull a few weeds before I settle down and work on the Taj Mahal.  Here's what that looked like before I put it aside some days ago.

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