Monday, February 1, 2016

Tilly is off the hook with regard to yesterday's missing puzzle piece, because when Tom came in from the shop he found it under my sewing machine. (And yes, as a matter of fact I had looked under there.) So he got to put in the final piece.

However, despite going for a walk in the afternoon (when Tilly dutifully took care of all business) and being let out into the backyard frequently (and of course whenever she 'asked'), she peed on the carpet again while we were having dinner last night. That did not make us happy!  The first time it happened (on Wednesday) I chalked it up to possible stress of being in a new environment - but she's been here a week now, so that shouldn't be as much of an issue.

Despite my immediate efforts each time we now have unlovely stains in two spots in there, so at some point I will have to get out the carpet cleaning machine and see if I can remedy that. 

Emilee just called to check on Miss Tilly, and thinks it's possible she has (another) UTI.  So I'm going to collect a urine sample tomorrow morning and run it up to her at Daisy Mountain Vet.  She had mentioned a previous issue to me, and this sounds like a rerun.  If so, would be a simple fix with antibiotics.

Dinner, despite the interruption, was delicious.  Tom whipped up a large pot roast and gravy, a huge amount of mashers, with sides of broccoli, salad, and baked rolls.  Alex joined us, and we though we all did our best there's still plenty left so the three of us are going to do it again tonight. 

Alex and his friends skipped heading to Flag last night to board today, because of bad weather and road conditions (they were trying to locate chains for his friend's truck), which greatly relieved both of us. The new plan is that they will probably head up there tonight after dinner and board on Tuesday instead.  I don't think it was the road conditions that convinced them as much as the fact that the weather today was going to be snowy, windy, and cold - not that much fun to board in - but the bottom line was that they were not going to be driving in "icy, slippery road conditions" when the Powers That Be up in Flagstaff was recommending that "if at all possible, everyone just stay home." 

(And that was directed at people who are used to driving in the show!)

We got out another puzzle to do last night (one I'd picked up at quilting some time ago, from the Give Away table) and when I opened the box there was a baggie with all of the edge pieces already 'sorted' for us. I've never seen that before, but I definitely approve.  Thanks to whomever was kind enough to do that.

The storm rolled in as predicted last night after dinner, and we got heavy rain with thunder and lightning, so I was glad I walked Tilly when I did.  Though it's not raining at the moment, it is windy.  It's supposed to remain quite chilly today (at least 20 degrees cooler than yesterday), and of course there's no sun out.   But until the Big Unwrap later this morning I can't get my arm into anything with long sleeves, so I've been half-wearing a sweater, with the left side just draped over my shoulder.  No doubt I will change into something long-sleeved as soon I get back from the doctor! 

Only a couple of hours to go - YAY!

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