Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tom commented yesterday that my 'handwriting' is getting better; I did let him know that it took me a long time (and serious concentration) to write that legible short post-it note. By the time I get my cast removed on the 25th (is anyone surprised that I am again counting the days?) I may well have graduated from 1st-grade penmanship to 2nd- or 3rd-grade.  Any bets?  

I've been having discomfort at the incision sites since the unwrapping of the bandage, and at lunch yesterday I became a little concerned when I noticed that all five fingernails on that hand had a definite purplish tinge instead of being a nice healthy pink like on the other hand. I did call the surgeon's office and left a detailed message on the triage nurse's recording, though never did get a call back. In the meantime the color returned to normal, so maybe I had just had my arm in the 'wrong' position for optimum blood flow at that point? Still, someone should have called me back!

Tom left for the Tucson show (early!) this morning sans magazines. Apparently there was a problem with the printer (in England) and none made it across the pond in time for the show. No surprise that he is really bummed, and groused about it all day yesterday.  The editor is going to overnight some issues, so at least he should have them before he heads down again with Lisa and her friend Michelle.

On today's agenda is a trip over to Lynn's to get the label printed  
for the quilt I'm entering in the AQG show in March.

This evening is Book Club at Cheri's. I'm hoping (!) Alex can dog sit tonight because it'll be too nippy to leave Tilly outside.  If he has plans (though I will be home before he usually leaves for his evening activities) she will end up confined to one of the bathrooms, with a (conveniently washable) tiled floor.  

If it turns out that Tilly does have a UTI, Cheri has agreed to swing by the vet's office up there in Anthem to pick up the antibiotics which I can then get when I arrive at Book Club tonight.  As usual Myra will be driving me, and is bringing 3 different desserts.  Since I am using my surgery/cast as an excuse not to cook, she has gallantly said I can 'claim' some of hers as my contribution to tonight's dinner. As if <g> anyone will believe that!

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