Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The wintery weather, especially in Prescott and Flagstaff, was the lead story on yesterday's local news at 5:00.  Alex and Chris had headed to Flagstaff in the afternoon, and (given the bad road conditions and the fact that they were driving right into it) I was relieved to get a text from Alex that they had arrived safely.  He posted this pic to Facebook (though I'm thinking this pic was taken during an earlier trip to Flag?) and when questioned about the road conditions up there wrote that the roads were 'bad' and that 'it's blizzarding'.

The Jeopardy College Tournament started yesterday, and I was not surprised that I didn't know any of the pop music references.  However I did get the Final Jeopardy question when none of them did, so I count that as a Win.

This morning I successfully collected a urine sample from Tilly on her first squat (I had donned a latex glove first before using this method, though that turned out to be unnecessary) and then delivered it to Emilee at the vet in Anthem.  From the dark color and pungent 'aroma' she's guessing it will turn out to be a UTI, and lab results to confirm it should be available by tomorrow morning.

Did manage to get an over-sized fleece 'shirt' on over my cast yesterday, and am wearing it again today, so I should be able to stay warm and snuggly.  But I may have to open up the seams on some of my less-favorite sweatshirts if we continue this spate of cold weather.


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