Friday, February 5, 2016

It was a lazy day yesterday, with nothing on the schedule.  I played on the computer, and later stretched out on bed on the heating pad to read.  (I'm really enjoying Seveneves, and almost halfway through it!) 

When I got sleepy I set aside my book and actually took a nap. Of course that's when I got a surprise visit; Cheri was on her way down to 35th Ave. and wondered if I wanted to join her. 

It was my first trip there since they rearranged the entire store (behind-the-scenes politics resulted in a lot of long-time employees leaving, and the new people just had to put their stamp on everything) so of course it was impossible to find anything. Plus (for some unfathomable reason) they also took down all the handy signs that used to hang from the ceiling to help folks find the various sections. The new staff at the cutting table seemed disorganized and were incredibly slow (it took way longer than it should have for Cheri to get her fabric cut) and same thing at the check-out counters. 

(Linda: notice who drew this cartoon!)

When I saw Alex on Wednesday evening we had 'planned' a dinner out Thursday.  He hadn't been home all day, so around 4:00 I texted him to firm up plans and never heard back.  At 6:00 I called him.  Turned out that he had spaced it out (and never saw my text) and was already eating dinner over at Tyler's.  So I chowed down on some of Estera's yummy veggie salad while my broccoli/cheese omelet cooked, and then watched the Dem Debate on TV.  

Tom got home from Tucson as the debate was ending, so I didn't get to hear the commentators dissect it.  I did, however, get to hear all about his accident on I-17 when he was almost home.  Apparently there was some sort of road machinery sweeping in the HOV lane (in the dark sure doesn't seem to be an optimum time to do that!) 

and a driver 'escaping' from behind it swerved out of that lane in front of a vehicle in the left lane.  That, of course, caused everyone in the left lane to have to slam on their brakes, and Tom rear-ended the woman in front of him.  (The very reason I leave ample space to stop... you never know what the car in front of you is going to do, and you certainly can't see what's going on several cars ahead.)  

The woman was quite surprised that Tom pulled over to assess the damage, assuming (sadly realistically these days) that he would just drive off into the darkness.  The good news is that despite giving her a "good thump" (he expected serious damage to his front end) both vehicles remained in good shape.  They did, however, exchange insurance info "just in case".  What concerns me is that his airbag did not go off, and it seems to me that it should have?!

In a little bit I'm off to the gym to start back up with Jim.  Of course I'll only be able to do legs and/or cardio, but given the vegging out I've been doing the past two weeks (and all the good food, and GS cookies I've been eating) it's a good thing!

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