Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tilly started on her once-a-day antibiotic regimen yesterday.  They are tablets, not chewables as Emilee has thought (which would have been beyond easy to administer) and the directions specifically say not to chew them.  So I wrapped her first dose up in a small bite of bread and yup, she pretty much inhaled it.  Almost out of the Kirkland Mature Dog food (there was just enough for her dinner portion), so after the pharmacy I made a run to PetSmart for more.  Turns out that the Kirkland brand is only sold at Costco (and we are not 'members') so I picked up a different brand of food for oldsters like her.  Currently she is still asleep, but with her good appetite I don't expect any problems when I serve her breakfast later.

Enjoyed my visit with Lynn yesterday when I popped over after her doc appointment to get my label printed.  She had some suspicious growths removed from a few spots on her skin, and the one 'in' her eyelashes is causing her pain each time she blinks.  (Most of us don't realize how many times a minute we do that until something like this happens!)  She's hosting a baby shower for her other DIL in about 10 days, because Maya (who is 10 months) will be getting a cousin, also a girl, in about another month.  Such excitement!

I was still at Lynn's and missed Cheri when she stopped by after her Sew Day (I'd told her to call if that was going to happen, and since Lynn only lives a couple of miles away I could be home in a few minutes, but she'd gotten another call on her drive over.) So instead she popped over to the hospital to keep Jeannie company.  Rich is still in a lot of pain, so no idea when (or even if?) he'll be coming home.

Estera and Tommy (he turns 1 today!) surprised me with a visit yesterday afternoon, but without Willie or Juliana, to deliver some of her yummy veggie salad to me.  Tommy's still dealing with his intense eczema, poor little guy, but is still a cutie. 

 And I learned yesterday that in another 7 months he's going to 'graduate' to Big Brother status.  Estera has said from the start that she and Ben wanted 4 children, and spaced closely together.  By the time this last (?) child is born, Willie (the oldest) will have just turned 5 in August.  No wonder Estera is always tired!!!

Tommy was very interested in Tilly, though after an initial look/sniff she was not at all interested in him.  So during their time here she mostly hung out in her bed under Tom's drafting table.


Alex was able and willing to dog sit while I was at Book Club last night (Gifts from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh), and surprisingly when he showed up he had Tyga with him.  Apparently the pooch, who latched on to Alex from the start, has been pining for him since Aja moved into her new apartment last weekend.  Since she's going to be working long hours for the next several days she asked Alex if he'd take Tyga for the duration and he agreed.  Tilly, however, apparently missed me while I was gone.  Instead of hanging out with Alex and Tyga she retreated to her crate in the bedroom, and Alex couldn't even entice her to go on a walk with him like I'd asked.  So when I got home at 9:00 I took her for her evening constitutional.

All the food the ladies brought last night was scrumptious, so I had no trouble going back for seconds.  Very good thing that I'm starting back up with Jim at the gym on Friday (though of course we'll be confined to legs, and cardio.)

Unfortunately, something didn't agree with me last night (there were 4 different dishes with seafood, in keeping with the theme), and definitely let me know shortly into the meeting.  Luckily the issue was short-lived, and by the end of the meeting I seemed over it.

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