Thursday, March 30, 2017

When the doc's office had not returned Patti's call Monday (about the Rx refill) after 3 hours I called back - and spoke with the same woman. She was not terribly helpful, so I got a tad assertive and said I would keep calling until we got what we needed. Amazingly she called back in about 10 minutes and said the Rx was ready for me to pick up.  That evening I made burritos for dinner, and Tom and Zach joined us so we had a little dinner party.

Tuesday was not a good day for Patti, though we did squeeze in another shower since I would be leaving in the morning.   She didn't have much of an appetite, and at times was nauseated.  (Of course she is dealing with my cooking...) So she was feeling quite depressed, and at one point dissolved into tears. It's hard to see her so miserable. In addition to the pain (and the boredom - she's not used to sitting around doing nothing) for some reason she's also feeling guilty about needing help from her friends. Silly Patti! Doesn't she realize we all love her and just want to do whatever we can to help her out?

Yesterday morning the other Patty came over for a bit so I could run home and shower, pack, pick up Wanda, and head to Flagstaff. Patti wasn't feeling up to heading for the couch after breakfast and was going back to bed. A text to check in on her yesterday afternoon went unanswered, so I am a little concerned. Today Zach is taking her to the doctor to have her incisions checked, and I sure hope the antibiotics have been doing their job and all is well!

Wanda and I had an uneventful drive up, though traffic was quite heavy and the usual idiots were on the road. We met Jeannie, Gena, and Anne at Oreganos for lunch, and then headed over to the house and got all moved in. Vicki showed up about an hour later, though Cindy and Chris won't be arriving until today.

I made great progress; got my 25 spool blocks sewn into five rows and then sashed with my bright fabric. But I'd like to make it a little longer before I add the side sashing, and this morning Jeannie suggested the sewing machine block that Gena made yesterday. Of course I didn't plan on that so I didn't bring any extra fabric (and with three rooms of it at home it doesn't make sense to buy any at the quilt shop) so I will put this project aside and move on to project number 2.

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