Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunday I resumed my Patti-sitting duties.  One of our big adventures of the day was to get her showered. It was her first post-surgery one, and not surprisingly made her feel a lot better, even  though all she'd done since Wednesday was lie in bed and sleep. 

It was encouraging that Patti felt up to spending the day on the couch (a major step up from sleeping in bed) though she did doze off during the Netflix I had brought over and missed the end of an enjoyable movie: Café Society.   

Vicki came by for a visit later in the afternoon, and then Tom joined us for dinner; I managed baked chicken, lemon rice, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  He brought beautiful orange lilies, and a matching carrot cake for dessert.  He also brought along Tyga, who does a good job of cheering up folks. 

The best news is that Patti thinks she may be over the worst of the pain since the pain meds are finally dealing with it, and definitely felt better yesterday than she had been feeling.  Finally (!) she's going in the right direction, and just knowing that she should continue to feel better each day is a tremendous psychological boost.  Did get to see the x-ray of her foot with the two plates, more than a dozen screws, and lots of staples.  Won't she have fun setting off the metal detectors next time she flies.

I'd brought my laptop with me in the hopes that Zach could fix whatever happened to my blog, and once he woke up at 3:00 (turns out he hadn't gotten home until around 6:00) it turned out to be a very easy fix (for him, anyway!) Seems that while I had been typing I hit something which had reduced the screen to 10%.  If (or more likely when) I should do that again at least now I know how to return it to 100%.

What I do keep doing with annoying regularity is hit the Page Up key (because it is where the right side Shift key SHOULD be.) No doubt there is a way to make those two keys change functions, but Zach said that was a little out of his area of expertise.

Now just waiting for Patti to wake up.  After she calls the doc for a new pain Rx (to replace the one her insurance wouldn't cover) I can go pick that up and drop it off at the pharmacy.  She'll be out of pain meds once she takes this morning's dose, so that's the priority for this morning.  Otherwise, nothing too exciting planned....

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