Thursday, March 2, 2017

Because the computer is (currently) cooperative (and also because Sharon and I are going to the Mavericks' quilt exhibit this afternoon, and I'll have yet more pix to post!) I thought this might be a good time to post more of the goodies from Saturday!

The first couple ought to help wake you up....


Sorry about this neck turner; my usual fix <GRRRR> is not working on the sideways shots today, which is no real surprise to me!  (And in fact ALL the pix that I reoriented when I first loaded and resized them are not even showing up in the folder....)

Heather sounds like a wonderful sister....

While not "my" style, these next few do have beautiful work(wo)manship!

Did you notice the 3D ruched (sp?) flower centers?

Never can see a purple quilt without thinking of Mel!

Obviously I wasn't the only one who appreciated this quilt!

This reminds me of the quilt Ellen was working on at the quilt retreat!

I've got LOTS more pix I'd like to share, but first I'll need to figure out where the rotated ones are hiding!  Maybe if I go take a soak the computer will be happier when I return?

Hey, that could happen, right?

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