Friday, March 17, 2017

I forgot today was St. Patrick's Day - but when I was getting dressed this morning I "accidentally" wore a green outfit.

After the gym I swung by Joanne's to pick up a larger pillow form and some rotary blades.  When I entered there was NO ONE in line to check out... but by the time I collected my 2 items and headed over, the line was long! Murphy's Law strikes again. Did bump into Gloria and her friend Sandy, each with a FULL basket of fabric (for charity pillow cases) and yarn (for charity hats).

Tried to get Tyga a pawdicure over at PetSmart this afternoon, but his rabies vaccination recently expired and they wouldn't take him.  (Aja had planned to renew all his shots when they went home in December - her dad is a vet - but at the last minute the airline wouldn't let Tyga fly so he stayed home with us.) I did get his tag made, though.  Even though he's micro-chipped, I think he still needs a tag with Aja's phone number on it, and somehow the one he used to wear has disappeared. 

Speaking of Aja's dad, on Monday he was moving some heavy equipment which fell and sliced off his index finger (yes, on the hand he does surgery with.)  They tried to reattach it, but apparently that was not successful.  Not sure if any other fingers were damaged.

I was reading in my chair this afternoon, catching up on some magazines, when I saw Colleen pull into the driveway.  She surprised me by delivering the pillow template I forgot to grab yesterday.  That means I should be able to get the pillow done and in the mail soon.

Checked in on Patti, who was going on a "field trip" to the grocery store with Gary this afternoon and didn't need me to come over and keep her company.  Grocery shopping is definitely not MY idea of a fun outing... but almost anything must sound better to her than another day stuck on the couch - and of course since she likes to cook she has a "slightly" different outlook on grocery shopping than I do.

Tom had another stress test today to check and see how the stent he had done about 6 months ago is working.  We'll get the results in a week.

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