Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Monday I went to the chiropractor with Patti. Though I was being careful not to limp (as much as possible) it turns out that (not surprisingly) I was compensating for the pain by walking on the inside of my foot, which  put my ankle off (he fixed that) which in turn threw out my hip. Patch, patch, patch!  Patti was excited to be off her couch and out and about for a bit (we stopped for lunch at Smash Burger) and "celebrate" our 1st 90 degree day.  Looks like Spring has arrived a week early.

In the afternoon I finished Marilyn's birthday gift, wrapped and took it to the post office, so it should arrive in time for her birthday on Saturday. Then I popped over to Wanda's to return her Laurel Burch cat quilt which I'd borrowed to show one of the Cat Ladies at Busy Bees. Wanda had finally gotten her large show quilt back from the quilter, so some of her friends pitched in for a binding sewing bee that morning. By the time I got there she was busy madly attaching the sleeve to it for the quilt show (like so many of us!)

This morning I made up the paper pieced BOM - "my" tortoise block.  It went reasonably well, until the very last "border" seam, when for some unknown reason my machine switched over to a zig zag (who knows why machines behave the way they do?) so I had to rip and resew.

I called Mom to see how much snow they got yesterday (not much, although it was the icy kind of snow so she's not going anywhere until it all melts) and then Ed called this morning - he and Emily are expecting a baby in August!  Now that I'm just about finished with their wedding quilt it looks like I'll be making another baby quilt.

Michael and Loretta (Terry's son and DIL, whose baby was due later this month on the 25th, Dad's birthday) had a little girl last Wednesday that they named Ivy Celeste. So of course I'll also be making another name bib.  

Now it's time to zoom off to the gym - 

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