Sunday, March 19, 2017

What follows is yet another example of how machines screw with my head!

Yesterday we lunched at Red Robin before tackling the purchase of a laptop for me. I headed into the ladies' room at the same time as a young girl of about 7, and so we ended up at the bank of sinks to wash our hands at the same time.  She waved at the towel dispenser to the left of the sinks and was rewarded with a towel. I waved at 'mine', to the right of the sinks, but despite numerous waves, progressively more vigorous, nothing happened. So when she was finished she waved at hers again, handed me the towel, and left. After I dried my hands and was throwing the towel away I had a side view of my dispenser, and noticed it was not empty as I had assumed, but 3/4 full of towels. So I gave it another wave and (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!) the other towel dispenser across the room activated and gave forth a towel.

Best Buy had an overwhelming choice of computers, but eventually, with Tom's help, I narrowed it down and bought a Lenovo with lots of memory. No doubt it will be faster than my dinosaur desktop, even with all the pix I save. Geek Squad got a few basics loaded onto it there at the store, and (amazing as it sounds) I was actually able to get it to talk to our wi-fi when we got home. There are still some things I am going to need help with, but I have been able to load some things.  However there is a MAJOR snafu with my blog.

Once my blog was originally loaded onto my desktop years ago I didn't need to use the password again; the desktop always "remembered" it. (Yes I realize it should be on my cheat sheet... but it isn't.)  

But of course the new laptop requires it for access.

A phone call to Blogspot help was NO help at all, his "solution" being to set up a new blog... but in the process I would lose everything from the old one!

So in the meantime I will still be using the desktop, which is again working (for the moment, anyway!) to blog until a real solution is reached. 

I am heading back up to Best Buy today (with my receipt I can get a 6-month trial of Web Brute to protect the computer) when I also hope to get some other questions answered.  No real surprise that yesterday I was only able to absorb just so much of what Angel showed me about navigating my new toy.

Of course it doesn't bode well for today's productivity that I've been awake since 4:00.  I did read for an hour, and then tried to fall back asleep around 5:00... but no dice.

At least I told Jim on Friday that I didn't think I would make it to Boot Camp today - mostly because I thought I'd be finishing up Sandy's gift!

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