Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Just talked to Patti - and her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon!

It sounds like the surgeon expects her to be in considerable pain afterward; she's already got Rx for some heavier-duty pain meds as well as antibiotics and some other things.  She'll go back on Friday for a cast, and then Gary leaves (for another week) on Saturday.  So I will start back on duty then. 

Between the pain and the meds making her groggy I expect she'll need a lot of help, so my plan is to be all ready for Quilt Camp by Friday.

Wanda was a big help with the pillow, though we couldn't quite finish because I don't have any glue.  She, of course, has lots at home but didn't know we'd be needing it.  She also helped me look at some fabrics in my stash and choose a great sashing for my spools-of-thread quilt which I hope to work on up in Flagstaff.  Next year's February deadline could be here before I know it....

The desktop computer is getting more and more squirrelly today, so <sigh> I will not be too surprised when it quits working altogether.  Wish I could say I am able to navigate the laptop easily, but you wouldn't want me to lie, would you?

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