Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Saw a message on the neighborhood site this morning that someone on the next street over found a Sulcata tortoise wandering the streets last night.  Of course the first thing I did was to check and see if Pokey had escaped, but was relieved to find her still tucked into her burrow under the oleander by the hot tub.  I did look and see if Rosebud was in her yard when I ran an errand this morning, and she was.  So no idea whose tortoise was found cruising around.

Finished and mailed off Sandy's gift today, and once she receives it I can post pix. Those who have seen it have given it a positive review!  

Now that I've made all of my recent quilting deadlines I can work on the next one, getting ready for Quilt Camp.

It's late afternoon, but no word yet on how Patti's surgery, scheduled for 2:00, went.  Of course I'm anxious to hear that it went well, and that there were no surprises when the surgeon got in there; it was already a very bad situation.

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