Thursday, March 23, 2017

It was an uneventful visit at the doctor's, but even though I was very brave getting my shingles and pneumonia shots nobody gave me a lollipop.  In fact they stuck me again to draw blood.

Now I'm pretty much good to go for another year, though it turns out I'm due for another colonoscopy.  It's been 5 years already? Time flies when you're having fun.

On the way home I stopped to get the tortoise pattern enlarged, popped in to the quilt store across the parking lot (yes, of course I bought some fabric!) and then headed to fill up the gas tank.  I was within half a mile of the station when my gas light came on.

All of our porches are a mess here after last night's wind, but at least we have no downed limbs like at a neighbor's house.  We did actually get a bit of rain around lunchtime - drops so large that looking at the huge splashes in the pool at first I thought we were getting hail.  But after just a couple of minutes the rain stopped, and the sun came out.

This afternoon Tom ""let" me go to the grocery store, so first I stopped at Walmart across the street to get a new dish drainer.  After cruising all of the kitchen aisles numerous times I asked one of the associates to send over help.  That took a while, but she knew right where the dish drainers were: in the laundry section.

Tom had a long grocery list for me.  Obviously this was my lucky day.  Not only did I manage to find everything on it, but I didn't even have to wait to check out.  Could have been worse...

He's been doing a LOT of mowing and weed-eating, and has been trying to keep his hair (which he is growing long) out of his face.  (I wish I'd videoed me trying to teach him how to use a hair tie to make a ponytail the other day.  Not rocket science, folks.)  Though it's not surprising that I can get a tighter fit than he can (though his side 'wings' still aren't quite long enough) so I help out when I'm around.  AND now I've been vindicated.  All those years when he'd want to drive with the windows down on both sides of the car it drove me nuts having my hair blowing in my face.  And now he gets it!

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