Thursday, March 16, 2017

At Busy Bees Wednesday morning I had 3 things to share during Show & Tell. Everyone loved Aja's dachshund quilt (there were requests for the pattern) and my birdwatcher pillow got a similar positive reaction. I also brought along my tortoise block; Sharon was the only other person to bring one. (Next month's block is a turkey which looks so involved I am not sure if I will even attempt it, so Sharon may be the only one with a BOM in April.)

I stopped in at Best Buy afterward to look at computers because mine seems to have finally given up the ghost. Considering it's about ten years old I can't really complain.  So for the time being I am left with only my iPad, which has definite limitations. Most notably it means I can't access the pix on my camera and share them.

Patti and I watched a movie yesterday afternoon that had looked/sounded good from the trailer we saw, but neither of us liked it. Can't win 'em all!

By late afternoon a headache had taken hold, and I felt so crappy that I wasn't able to eat the wonderful dinner that Tom made. It's not so bad this morning, but I will make it a point to down some Tylenol before it gets bad.

Depend on how I feel I may join the quilting ladies for the monthly get-together at Starbucks this morning, and then stop over at Colleen's to drop off Alex's guitar hero for the kiddos. 

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